The After School Service

The After School Service is a popular feature of the programmes and projects on offer at “The House”.  It is funded be The National Childcare Investment Programme and is delivered in close co-operation with the Redeemer Boys and Girls Schools.

Overall Aim

“To offer a quality child-centred service to children aged 4-12 years in Cox’s Demesne, enabling their personal, social and educational development.”

The Activity Club for 4-6 year olds

This takes place in the Redeemer School and caters for approximately thirty children on a weekly basis.  Activities include art, crafts, drama, storytelling, play.

The after school service provides lots of different activities including ice hockey.

The Homework Club

Caters for thirty children aged 7-12 years and also takes place daily in the Redeemer school where children receive assistance and help in completing their homework. Transition year students from Dun Luighaidh and De La Salle secondary schools assist project workers and provide positive role models.


The homework Club provides children a place to do their homework with adults supervision.

Homework Club

The after school service also provides some games for children to play when their homework is complete.

Homework Club

The homework club provides materials for the children to do arts & crafts.


After School Care

In 2009 the Service changed slightly to provide an opportunity for twenty six children to receive full after school care each day from 1:30pm-6:15pm. This involves homework support, provision of hot meals and engagement in developmental activities e.g. computers, cooking, arts & crafts , board games , swimming and personal development groupwork. This although new in 2009 has been very successful and the young people both enjoy it and are participating very well.

Painting The Wall

In 2011 the young people were given the chance to paint a mural on the wall opposite "The House".


The images in the mural are representing interests of the young people.


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