The Friday Project

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The Friday Project is an early intervention programme. It operates in partnership with the local primary schools, ie. Redeemer Boys and Girls Schools.  Ten young people aged 9-12 years take part and attend the project every Friday from 9:00am –  3:00pm.

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The day is structured and programmes in small group settings are designed to promote self-esteem, develop new skills and seek to address challenging behaviour.

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Referrals come from Redeemer Boys and Girls Primary Schools.  There is a rotation policy each school term so that more young people can avail of the opportunity.  In the course of one year, up to twenty young people can participate. Close liaison exists with both primary schools.

Programme Content

Personal Development Groupwork, Computer skills, Woodwork, Arts and Crafts, Cooking, Sport, Outdoor Pursuit, The young people participate in weekly evaluation sessions.

group out the back of the house

This programme is funded by the following agencies:

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