Welcome to “The House”


We are a community-based youth project which has been based in the heart of the community for almost 30 years. We are of the community and for the community. Our very essence is to reach out to youth and especially vulnerable youth. The following is our overall aim & mission;

“To enable the personal, social and educational development of young people in Cox’s Demesne, believing in the potential within every young person and to encourage them to become actively involved in their own development and the development of their community. We have a priority for young people at risk”.

Where did it all begin?

Cox’s Demesne Youth and Community Project was first established in 1991. Two derelict or unused houses were provided by Dundalk Town Council and were renovated by local people. This took place over six months and was spearheaded and driven by Brian Doyle. Local tradesmen and young people gave of their time and skills voluntarily. Louth Youth Federation provided some financial backing and supported the venture. The idea for the project grew out of a vision to provide somewhere within the community where young people who were excluded from all mainstream programmes, projects and clubs would be welcomed, learn new skills and be given new opportunities. It became known locally as ‘The House’. Over the years since 1991 the project has grown and developed. An extension to the premises was built in 1996 and the building is now equivalent to four council houses. While we would still have a priority for young people at risk, we also offer a general youth service to the community.

Presently there are approximately 200 children and young people availing of the programmes and projects on a weekly basis with a staff team of 10 full-time workers, 5 part-time and 2 community employment.

What is your community/initiative most proud of?

  • 30 years longevity
  • The growth, development, and expansion
  • Constantly changing to meet new needs
  • The young people in their 30’s and even 40’s who come back to tell us the positive impact the project had on their lives (sometimes this doesn’t become evident to them until years later)
  • Our ability to provide a general service to all young people in the community while maintaining a priority for those on the margins & those most vulnerable